Where's My Stomach?
Where's My Stomach?

Short Term Weight Loss, Long Term Health All In One Program

Where's My Stomach? is The Ultimate Permanent Weight Loss Program

The Where's My Stomach Program

We Are Here to Help

More members of my My Facebook Mediterranean Diet group as it has grown and thrived. The people in my group and many others seeking a healthier life have been attracted to the Mediterranean Diet for many reasons.

Regardless of how they showed up the challenges of adopting our Way of Eating are similar, and we help people lose weight and return to health every day.

Why Both Diets? 

The Mediterranean Diet and Intermittent Fasting when combined together enable everyone to meet their weight loss goals without pills, expensive programs, tasteless food, starvation, and deprivation, or any of the other impediments to healthy weight loss. 

Even better, these two practices can easily be turned into lifelong habits so that your quality of life is better throughout a longer life.

More About These Two Ways of Eating

This program successfully integrates two of the healthiest practices in modern life. The Mediterranean Diet has ranked as the #1 healthiest diet in study after study after the initial study in the 1950s.

Intermittent Fasting does not recommend what you eat, it just determines when you eat allowing the digestive system to rest each day. 

Intermittent Fasting is gaining recognition after the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded for research on its benefits.

Intermittent fasting allows you to eat the delicious Mediterranean Diet foods and your body naturally becomes fat-adapted, burning fat instead of storing it and leading to rapid natural weight loss.


How Does This Program Work? 

Most people know WHY they need to change their Way of Eating but have trouble with HOW. The journey for effective lifelong weight loss starts with this one step. The Where’s My Stomach? program walks you step by step as you commit to fully adopting the two healthiest Ways of Eating on the planet, The Mediterranean Diet and Intermittent Fasting. You won’t find this program anywhere else, and it is proven to be the healthiest way to lose weight and restore health.  

The Where’s My Stomach? program leads participants through a structured six-week program with weekly videos, a weekly workbook, recommended fasting times, recipes, and group coaching sessions.

Step 1

We get started with Intermittent Fasting and focus on how to do it properly so there is a minimum of discomfort and the immediate benefit of your body becoming fat-adapted, burning fat first.

Step 2

We continue with our fasting and focus on portion control and the Mediterranean Diet. Now we talk about planning, preparation, cooking, ingredients, and the recipes that make the Mediterranean Diet so healthy. 

Step 3

We continue with the Mediterranean Diet and work on best practices for change. This will include commitments, choices, and behavioral economics and more strategies that ensure success. 

Step 4

We work on the common ways we undermine ourselves as well as attitudes and continue with strategies for effective change and the adoption of new habits.

Step 5

Everyone is fat-adapted and eating healthy with effective portion control. We continue recording changes in their body and emotions, and use feedback from the group to fine-tune your practices. 

Step 6

We continue sharing and talk about our experience and turn in our workbooks for those wanting to be counted.  We all commit to continuing the Healthiest Ways of Eating.


This program is designed to address all of the common challenges people have with this adopting these complementary practices and provide a step by step process that will ensure success.


Your coach is Rick Helvey, and I have been effectively combining these two Ways of Eating for years. Wanting to share the benefits of my weight loss and healthy lifestyle, I built the thriving Facebook group Mediterranean Diet to help people get started. 

I had also been Intermittent Fasting, and when I found others in the group did so as well I started researching and writing about combining these two practices. 

Multiply the Benefits

Using these two together literally multiplied the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, and makes losing and keeping weight off easier than you think.

This is the only program of it’s kind, no one else is using the combined effect to help people adopt these two practices. If you are serious about losing weight and regaining your health, reducing medications, and reversing the effects of serious diseases this program is the right one for you.

How effective is this program? So effective I guarantee that if you follow the program you will lose weight, feel better, and also have a surprise benefit or two! If this program does not work for you during the six-week course just contact me through the network for a quick review and I will issue a full refund. 

The Value of Your Health

What about the price? For this program to work it takes a great deal of commitment on my part and the same level of commitment on your part. Popular weight loss programs like Weight Watchers and Nutrisystems cost far more and there is no takeaway. 

When you stick to the plan for the next six weeks, you will spend less money because you are a) primarily cooking at home, and b) eating one less meal a day. This program more than pays for itself, with a bonus that in the end, you will have adopted the healthiest diets on the planet!

To your Health!

I am looking forward to working with each person in the Where's My Stomach? program to create a healthier you.